Capricorn – Decor Sculpture

Capricorn – Decor Sculpture

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🌟 Step into the constellation of style with the Capricorn – Decor Sculpture, where the Bezoar ibex meets the beauty of 3D art. This isn’t just a sculpture; it’s a celestial journey crafted in a grid, as intricate as a Capricorn’s personality. Perfect for those who align their decor with the stars πŸŒ™ and have a penchant for astrology zodiac flair. Imagine this majestic alpine ibex, frozen in art, perched atop your coffee table or claiming its astrological territory on your bookshelf πŸ“š. It’s not just a conversation piece; it’s a constellation conversation starter! Ideal for astrology lovers, this Capricorn-themed wonder is the perfect gift for anyone looking to add a touch of the zodiac to their abode. Our store is a zodiac zoo, featuring everything from dogged Scorpios to regal Leos. Whether you’re a zodiac sign gift hunter or just in search of a unique deco piece for your apartment, this sculpture is a stellar choice. 🐐✨
Our Small variant contains 3 pieces for environmental protection in shipping. Why not share them with your friends and be amazed together! 🌱

Made in Austria. For more detailed size information, please write us a message. We will be happy to help you.

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3X small, medium, large


black, white


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