Pitbull – Decor Sculpture

Pitbull – Decor Sculpture

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Step aside, traditional decor! Make way for the Pitbull – Decor Sculpture, where the 3D grid design meets the tenacity of a pitbull, without the slobber 💦. This isn’t just a sculpture; it’s a bark of modernity, a silent guardian of style, and a loyal centerpiece for any room. Perfect for the minimalist maven with a soft spot for canine charm 🐕 or the dog lover whose pet is less ‘sit and stay’ and more ‘leap and play.’ Perch it atop your bookshelf 📚, let it stand guard on your office desk, or make it the alpha of your coffee table decor. This sculpture caters to the sophisticated animal enthusiast looking to elevate their home with a touch of pitbull panache. And for those who roam the wild side of interior design, our store offers an ark’s worth of options, from feline finesse to zodiac zeal. It’s the ideal gift for anyone who believes home is where the ‘art’ is. 🏠

Our Small variant contains 3 pieces for environmental protection in shipping. Why not share them with your friends and be amazed together! 🌱

Made in Austria. For more detailed size information, please write us a message. We will be happy to help you.

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3X small, medium, large


black, white


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