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🌟 Step into the savannah of style! 🦒 Our Giraffe – Decor Sculpture stretches the limits of home decor with its whimsically high 3D grid design that reaches new heights of elegance. It’s not just tall on charm but also giraffe-levels of grand in any room, especially one that loves a touch of African flair! Imagine this long-necked beauty peering over your book collection 📚 or being the necks big thing on your partner’s office desk. It’s the perfect giraffe gift for that special someone who has everything—except a giraffe, of course! This isn’t just a sculpture; it’s a neck-tie event for your living space, perfect for small rooms that need a big statement or as an african decor piece that says ‘I love you’ longer than any giraffe’s neck. 🎁 And if your spirit animal isn’t the giraffe, don’t worry! Our store offers a whole zoo of options, from dogs 🐕 to cats 🐈, from the wild kingdom 🦁 to the stars above ♌. Get your Giraffe – Decor Sculpture now and let your decor reach sky-high sophistication! 🌍

Our Small variant contains 3 pieces for environmental protection in shipping. Why not share them with your friends and be amazed together! 🌱

Made in Austria. For more detailed size information, please write us a message. We will be happy to help you.

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3X small, medium, large


black, white


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